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Well I went to the Dr. after work since I've had many bad headaches,nosebleeds and my blood pressure being so high.
My b/p was 170/111 Which is very high. She gave me Zestortic to take for 2 weeks which has hydrochlorothiazide in it to help bring it down. After 2 weeks, I'll go back on my 40 mg. of Zestril. She said since I was on stroke level, if I get dizzy or blurred vision, to get to the ER asap.

It was good to see you a few minutes this am. Hopefully we'll all be well this Saturday to eat out and celebrate your b/day!! I'm glad you & James are feeling better.

Are you going to move in with your Parents for a short time only or are you selling your house and moving in for good? I'm confused! (Which don't take much!) Your weekend sounded like heaven!

Like I said, We were praying for snow so bad but didn't get any! But I'll take these temperatures we're having now!! Glad to hear that your Mom is doing much better! I'll continue to pray for her. BTW: I have buttercups that are trying to bloom!!

Did your Dad take the price offered for his tusk even though it didn't meet the reserve price he wanted? Congrats on the 12 months now!!!!! Is there year round school there?

I thought it was cute about your 82 years young student. Bless her heart! I hope when I'm that age I'll be able to do something constructive! How's Allison?

I'm so sorry about your Mom. I'll say a prayer for her. I know you are busy and have a lot on your plate right now but please keep in touch with us! I've missed you!

Where are you girl? Is everything ok there????

How's everything with you? How is your Mom? She's been in my prayers too. Does she have high b/p? I've been meaning to ask you.

Did you get the results from your test? I told our librarian about all your ideas and she more less just shrugged me off! She's so hateful!!!!

Mary......Cheryl & Carol......PLEASE post soon!!!! I sure miss you!!!

I stayed OP all day!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!! Hopefully I won't slack now! Hope everyone had a great OP day! Gotta start dinner.....

Big Hugs!
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