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Height: 5'-2"


March 1st: 120 minutes of walking
March 2nd: 30 minutes of walking
March 3rd: 95 minutes total (1 hour walking plus 25 minute workout)
March 7th: 120 minutes (including 1 hour walking and 1 hour workout)
March 8th: 210 minutes total (including 2 hours walking and 90 minutes of yoga)
March 10th: 90 minutes total (including workout and walking)
March 15th: 130 minutes total (40 minute workout plus 90 minutes yoga)
March 17th: 40 minute workout
March 20th: 30 minutes biking
March 22nd: 185 minutes total (including 90 minute walk, 35 minutes biking, 60 minute work out)
March 23rd: 90 minutes total (including 30 minute walk, 30 minutes biking, 30 minutes eliptical machine)
March 24th: 90 minutes total (including 1 hour weight workout, 30 minutes biking)
March 25th: 60 minutes total (including 30 minutes elliptical machine, 30 minutes biking)
March 26th: 60 minutes total (weight workout)
March 27th: 60 minutes total (30 minute elliptical, 30 minute bike)
March 29th: 270 minutes total (including 2 hour walk, 1 hour weight workout, 90 minutes yoga)
March 30th: 60 minutes total (including 30 bike and 30 elliptical)
March 31st: 70 minutes total (including 10 cardio and 60 weights)
I am a runner!

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