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B - Atkins breakfast bar - 2

Lunch - cheese cubes - 1

I'm starving - have been SO busy today!

Dinner - Going to a get together and everyone is going to have Pizza. Help! So I am going to get a meatball wrap from Subway and try not to lose my mind.

Snack - I'll have some string cheese and LC peanut butter in the car.

This is SOOOO hard to do while under stress!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted a bagel and some fruit so badly this morning I nearly passed out.

I swear if my scale hadn't shown that I FINALLY hit my 50 pound goal, I wouldn't be able to stick to this.
No one can make you inferior without your consent.
~Elenor Rooesevelt

Highest Weight (3/1/03): 280
Atkins Start (2/1/04): 240
Current Weight: 227 - OMG! The pounds are dropping like crazy
Goal: 175-180 (Height 5'11")
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