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Thanks, Noodles! That was interesting, but I'm not sure what to do with the info...

Is it just me, or what? The more I learn about PCOS, the more confused I get. Does this mean I should be taking progesterone, even though I have a regular period? And if I did take it, how would that affect the menopause? Would it make me more at risk of becoming pregnant?

And if my diet, exercise, and stress levels are all o.k., with good blood numbers, just what is the progesterone supposed to do for me? I've heard of people rubbing themselves with progesterone creams to stop menopause symptoms, but mine are minimal anyway, usually just a mild hot flash about 5:30 in the a.m., like clockwork.

Does it stop the excess hair from growing? Or maybe make my bustline more perky? That would be useful, lol!

I can see how someone who was young and wanting to start a family would want to regulate the hormone balance closely, but what's the advantage in medicating myself at my age? It seems to me that science doesn't yet have a lot of good data on PCOS women at midlife, and doctors for sure don't have a clue.
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