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Talking May Days are here!

Hi Coaches!

I'm starting the month feeling pretty upbeat! Scale fell to an even 263.0 this morning. Credit for weighing. Credit for changing my ticker. I am back to my Wii Fit scale again. I am donating that one I just bought. It's really awful. Super inaccurate and weights bounce around too much for my liking. Credit for making plans to get rid of stuff.

Today I have Pottery Guild Sale duty from 12-4. I have to drive to my studio to pick up my packing material (hope I have less to pack up than what I brought there ) and if I can, I want to stop in at our *rival* pottery guild's spring sale which is in the town my studio is in. I want to see what people have been making there. I can't leave yet as DH has made a special trip out to get eggs for us so we can have breakfast.

I joined the monthly weight loss and exercise goal threads set up by gardeneryjoy(thanks for doing that) and if I meet the weight goal I have set I will be in the 250's at the end of the month. Now THAT is VERY exciting to me. When I first joined here I think I was 248 and TERRIFIED of crossing the 250 mark. During my time here I have been more than 291 (I stopped weighing) so to be finally heading back down the scale is a really satisfying, awe-inducing, exciting journey for me. I really need to do some Beck rewards as I haven't done that, still thinking/feeling that the weightloss is not "real" (darn inner saboteur at work there ).

I know. My reward will be an Artist Date with myself. I will explore a new gallery or museum and take the time to add another drawing to my moleskine sketchbook. I have to do this activity sometime between Monday and Friday this week.

So, have a great day!
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