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Hi, s, this is a very thoughtful thread today and I'm appreciating the gentle wisdom and intellect of thy queenly selves. Felt better for awhile today but headache is back. Will throw this off soon, though.

My candy not challenge held and will report on the 21-dayer on the food thread. But yea, Eydie, I felt the frantic energy in the stores today as well. A woman in the store was handing out candy ... JUST what I needed. Then the rather elderly check out guy called me "ma'am" and wished me a happy Valentine's Day. I think I was rather surly though and told him that was the last thing on my mind today.

I'm not sure why, but I don't like this holiday much, especially this year.

Wsw: Glad thou be so blessed in having folk who braved the cold to bring thee greetings and in the volunteer who felt like confiding in thee ... but what a sad commentary on the male species (sorry, guys, I realize you're not all like this), who would be so crass as to dump her when she was anticipating special dinner holiday dinner plans ... sheesh!

Kaylets, thy comments were timely for me, as I often feel much like thou describeth thy aunt ... was just lying on couch thinking how it doesn't do to try to reach out to the world, as the world has never liked me much ... I am much better being introverted and living in a mental cave and carving wood by myself ... hmmm, mayhap I be depressed? Too little sugar?

I will be glad when it's my high calorie day again ... mayhap tomorrow.

Wildfire, I think I missed the part about thy metal friend ... ? BTW, I'm doing sort of a calorie counting 21-day version of Body For Life on the food thread and was wondering if you ever think of going back on that?

s, I like the idea of doing something for the Vernal Equinox ... I think we all need to do something fun and fitness related together to remind ourselves that we are still in the springtime o' our universal journeys and that hope spring eternal and that we are sprightly young s just sprouting up from the dew laden vernal green wood and ...

Well, something ...

Avanti to all s, mentioned and unmentioned, present or absent ... Old Dog be barking at neighbors and I must give her a dog cookie to ameliorate the situation, though the neighbors be nice.
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