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Hello all!!

Very thoughtful today... Found out that my Aunt ( who passed last night) just found a letter from mother that had been lost for many years. In fact, when the letter was found, my aunt said to my sister "I forgot she wrote this to me" ....evidently, it was one of the few times, my great grandmother told my aunt "I love you"...
My aunt spent most of her life feeling "short changed"... she did have many tough breaks but had a wonderful husband who helped support his mother-in-law and later, a loving niece and great nieces. Unfortunately, my aunt became sure that everyone only was kind to her "to get something" or "Because your mother says you must". She never really believed she was loveable.....
Now that she has passed and is w/ her husband again, I trust she now understands that she is loved.
So ironic that she passed just b/4 Valentine's Day...

How many of us are missing out for the same reasons????
Because we don't think we deserve to be loved, to love ourselves???

How many times do we not believe when someone says we look well, or did a great job, or are valued, dependable, etc, etc...

How many times do we think, " Nice of them to say but they don'r really mean it" ... or "if they only knew"....

But if someone told us that about a spouse, child, parent... we wouldnt doubt the sincerity ..( in most cases)....

My aunt's story of course, is an exception.. but then I have met others as walled up as she was too...

Sorry if I havent lightened the mood...

I'll tell you what.. I'll come back with a grin for all of us!
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