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Mary, DH uses a self-propelled mower. He needs that because we have some hilly part in our yard.

Today I found out that DH had backed-up our computer to CDs but then we had some computer trouble and he tried to use them and didn't do anything. When we went to pick up our computer he asked the guy about them and the guy looked at them and said the files are compressed and won't open. He kept the CDs and said another guy who works there might be able to fix that problem, so if he can, we will get back some of our data up until the point where he did the back up. I'm just happy to have the PC back right now, in spite of losing data. DH told me about the service that you can pay for, but nothing I have is that important. Just recipes and some websites I bookmarked. I think I might get an external hard drive to use for back ups.

I have never dead headed my rhody and it blooms beautifully every year. It was very small when we planted it, over 30 years ago, and DH sometimes trims it to keep it from hanging down into the driveway. One time a branch broke off from heavy snow but it has since grown in and you can't notice the broken branch.

I'm less than perfect, and that's OK!

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