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It's just Halo and I again as dh is fishing. Another warm dry day, sunny but slightly overcast earlier. Today I want to clean my kitchen well and perhaps do a little decluttering if I have time. Also need to shop for groceries and I'd like to get a manicure too, so will see how the day goes. Probably won't get it all done. Last night for dinner I made hamburgers with a wine mushroom sauce on top. They were yummy. Not sure yet about tonight...may be a ground beef dish as I have some ground beef left or maybe chicken if it is thawed by then.

I like my dishwasher so far...did two small loads yesterday. One thing I have to get used to is I have to push the power button before choosing the cycle. Then when I turn the knob the cycle lights up and all the parts to it ..wash, rinse, spin etc come up on the panel. I can adjust some of them if I want but so far I've just gone with what comes up. I'll probably experiment more eventually. It's very different from my old agitator washer. Need to also buy some HE detergent...I accidentally picked up a bottle while at the commissary so do have some but that is the detergent that spilled all over so don't have much.

My weight was down to 167 today so only one pound to go to be at my pre-trip weight. Those trips really mess me up! I now have this verse on my fridge and it is helping me. I Cor 6:12-20 All things are lawful for me, but all things are not helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.

Carol Sue - Hope the new eating plan works well for you.

Bobbi - Good to see you posting again!

Hi Glynne! Hows your dh? Hope the doctor was able to help or at least encourage him in his progress.

Hi Love2garden - Hope you have found the new thread and will soon be hearing from you again.

What happened to our newbies? Hope they return.

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