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Good morning all. Things are going well. DH and I have been exercising moderately until we start our BodyforLife ( Challenge. 12 weeks of exercising. I know I posted about the triathalon before - spoke with my father last night and told him we may do one. (He's VERY athletic, and holds a high position on the olympic committee - despite all this I'm very sedintary). So he told me that is impossible and I could never do one.

So, I'm officially announcing that I'm doing a triathatlon this year. Everyone must hold me to it. After the 12 week program we're taking a short break then doing a six week training program for triathletes. I get amazing motivation from being told that I cannot do something. I'll let you all know what the results are - so far it seems good from the other threads I belong to. Many people have taken 0/4/8/12 week photos - they are SCARY results.

And, I get to keep doing SBD while doing the training program.

LittleChick - I'm thinking about you

Ruth - CarbPoisoning sounds like my aunt. She is in AA and tells everyone she's allergic to alcohol that it makes her break out in a**hole.

Hope everyone else is well!
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