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Thumbs up February NSV's!

We all know we can see how many pounds we lose on the scale... but what is your Non-Scale Victory??? Are your clothes getting looser, need to buy some new running shoes because yours are worn out, getting compliments from your spouse, friend or co-workers? Please share your Non-Scale Victory!

1. What I've noticed is the amount of space between me and my steering wheel is getting bigger.
2. I can run after my son without getting completely exhausted.
3. Cleaning the house is so much easier, my feet don't hurt and I don't tire out nearly as fast. We have stained concrete floors and the kill my feet!
4. I sleep so much better now.


2010: Start 1/18/10 264lbs, lost 92.4 by 9/27/10 (171.6lbs)
2011: Got married, gained most of it back
2012: Birth of my son, gained the rest back plus 30lbs over the next 2 years
My new start date is 12/29/14...and I'll keep up this lifestyle forever, so my son will never know an obese mother and he will make healthy choices too.

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