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Good morning!

Brenda - I know you can do it!

Leenie - Sorry about mama bird! I'll miss you!

Jane - what wine is non-low carb friendly? Unless it was a sweet white wine... What did you drink?

Shimma - smart move on the potluck!

I'm still pretty darn happy this morning - even if I am exhausted! DH called last night on his way home from work to say that the head bartender at the bar where he works asked him to come in and talk for a few minutes. Well, I don't like this girl and I certainly don't trust her, so I pitched a bit of a fit. I was so tired and didn't want to wait up for him longer but I sure wasn't going to go to sleep until he got home. (He doen't normally get home until 10:40 at night as it is!)

We ended up compromising and he came and picked me up so I wouldn't have to walk in the cold through our semi-scary neighborhood and we went there together. The bartender wanted to know why he quit and when he explained that he wanted to be able to spend time with me, she shot me a dirty look and started whining about how she really needed him to stay. Guess who won?

So he works there this Saturday and then on Friday the 20th because there's going to be a huge birthday party (we're talking 100 people just for the party!) and he had already committed to working for that and then he's DONE! So I'm still doing a happy dance.

Not much new other than that. I went and had a couple of low-carb beers with a friend last night in celebration of dh's news. I know, hypocritical, huh? And then I learned that another friend who has hooked up with a not so good guy is giving her kid benedryl every night to make him go to sleep so he doesn't wake up and annoy the bf at night. Argh! Can you believe that? What is she thinking?

Anyway, time to work! TTYL!

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