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Hi peeps - I'm going to have to get my soap box out a little - as a Hand Baker by profession I have to say some of the stuff they put in 'marketed as low calorie' breads would make your hair curl - the amount of salt and artificial sweeteners alone are amazing. A wholemeal home made bread is usually about 70-80 cals for a thin slice - my soap box is away now. Anyway - I'm Italian Descent and 'On Toast' is something we do really well! Lightly crushed baby plum tomatoes with some torn fresh basil, a little salt, crushed black pepper and a teeny drizzle of olive oil is lovely. As is thinly sliced raw mushrooms tossed in a drop or two of truffle oil and scattered over a lightly poached egg on toast. Our favourite though is cooked borlotti beans, tossed with a little fresh chilli and a scant grating of parmesan and then squished into some hot toast before placing under a hot grill until bubbling. All of these are well under your calorie requirement. Enjoy.
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