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Post I think I have to read Dr. Phil again

I thought I didn't like the book, but your comments on it are so thought provoking and just downright challenging that I'm going to read it again.
I was thin until puberty also. I never really thought about it before, but my Mom started working and I got braces and zits and a gang of kids were beating me up after school every day and suddenly I'd gained a lot of weight. Also, I had my full height by the time I was twelve and probably just couldn't eat as much anymore. Another factor was that I started having seizures that year (just at night but I'd wake up with my memory wiped and I had to go on an anti-seizure medication, which I still take today. I don't have seizures anymore, but I don't think the meds exactly help with my weight problem). Still I only weighed about 140 through high school (I'm 5'5"). I always wanted to lose 10 pounds, but never stuck with a diet long enough to actually do so. I had ups and downs for years (worked at a dude ranch and got very thin, had several children which fluffed me back up) and my weight always seemed to come back to about 140. Then my third child developed leukemia and suddenly I was 200 pounds. Yikes. (BTW, he is fine now and has been in remission for 14 years but I seem to still be carrying the weight ).
I loved the idea of thinking of changing our bodies as one would think of having a pregnancy. To be pregnant with health or hope... very cool thought.
I've often wondered about the connection between having a genetic tendency toward alcoholism and overeating. Both of my Grandfathers were alcoholics. My folks drank very little, nor were they overweight, but my Mom had an anxiety disorder (can't help wondering if her father did too, and that's why he drank?) and my Dad was very obsessive/compulsive.
Anyway, I'm rambling.
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