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Georgia/Brandi said, "The best advice I have taken from this book regarding weight loss is the idea that I don't have to lose all of this weight Tomorrow, kwim? I always get on a kick and then when I don't see results right away I get disappointed and think it's not working but I feel an odd sense of peace this time."

Bless your heart! Aren't we all so into the "instant gratification" thing on just about everything we do? Here's an analogy - The one thing as women that we want right away and have no control of is pregnancy and creating a life. When we find out we're pregnant, we want that baby in our arms here and now. But we have to wait 9 months. We have no choice in the matter. We commit to taking care of ourselves and being as healthy as we can for baby's sake, all along thinking and dreaming of little else but that baby.

So how about we all make a commitment to ourselves and each other, for the next 9 months to reshape our lives, our inner-selves, and our bodies? Let's dedicate our thoughts and imaginations to ourselves as a project in the works. Let's take time, even if 5 minutes each day, to clear our minds of everything but imagining what our lives and health can be like 9 months from now. And how we will create that new life by using the 7 keys honestly and diligently.

The reason I say that is because I never would have believed 9 months ago, that applying and enforcing new habits in my life like this would automatically become a way of life. It's true. Everything is so automatic now, that I can't imagine ever going back to the way I was, or thinking the things I did about myself. If you watch Dr. Phil's Show, at this point, the Challengers are saying the same thing too. It takes conscious effort, and at times it's hard, but persistence and patience will get you there, I promise.

For those of you who have children, remember back to your first, how you felt like "you've always been a mother" and how "how did I ever have a life before this baby." Try making yourself "the baby."

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