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i am so glad i found this thread. i was a 3fc user a year ago, but so much concentration on my wt problem made me MORE FRANTIC and more obsessed w/ food. i recently came off phentermine, a rx diet drug, and i put all that lost wt on, plus!! i started dr. p's book two weeks ago. what a huge change he has made in my life! i read the book twice, and it is hilited, tabbed w/ file folder labels, and marked with post its. i am near my heaviest, and i no longer have access to rx diet drugs, so i was really overwhelmed by the scale's 179 reading. I am only able to cope because Dr P is so RIGHT ON with his analysis, and then he follows up with action plans that really work. i will post later to specifically address ch 4/key 1....just wanted to say thanx!
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