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So now, at 39, 70 lbs. overweight, I look back and can see where all of the negative self talk began. I have a lot of work to do to undo all of it.
Summer, that's half the battle right there. Hugs for both of you for "naming it to claim it. And "you cannot change what you do not acknowledge." Doing this in a public forum is hard, I know, but I personally think it's important to put it out there.

Although I have no idea what it possibly can be like to be a ACOA, I did attend Al-Anon last year because a family member's drinking was out of control. There I was, 50 years old thinking I heard and seen just about everything. My problem was miniscule in comparison to some of those folks who themselves were ACOA. The experience changed me, no doubt about it.

The first time I read Key 1, I highlighted in yellow. This time I am highlighting in pink, and again, missed alot. I thought the first time around, I already had this key down, and in a way I did. But going through this again, I'm seeing into myself a little deeper, as well as recognizing things in other people, giving me a broader understanding and empathy. It's also made me take a closer look at the 'excuses' I fed myself for almost 30 years for my obesity.

I hope to have more later, maybe in a few days. This is a chapter that requires much thought and rationalization.

More Hugs,

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