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Morning all!

Angel, I'm sorry you feel so poorly about the birthday fiasco... don't stress over the cookie incident.. you'll be back on track before you know it!!!! Kicking yourself will only give you bruises!
I can't even tell you how glad I am it's FRIDAY!!!! No class tonight so I will finally be able to relax. We have this huge test on Monday though so it's probably going to be all that I think about this weekend. Last night class ran late and it was one of those things where I got home and it was time to go to bed!!! I hate that.
Today is looking go though. I have my post evaluation conference with the principal, and he told me yesterday that it shouldn't take long because it was an outstanding lesson so hopefully it'll be as good as he let on!!!!!
And, if you could all say a quick prayer for my mother's boyfriend's mother.... she's having brain surgery today to remove the tumor. Thanks.

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