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Bobbi... I made a lava cake one time in the crock pot and it was gooey. I agree oven us best. How's Dami. Any change in his choices? Bobbi I'm curious about something you said about not having air condition in your house. What is the average temp where you live? Does it get hot in your house in the summer. What about window units? Or they just not needed? We would die of heat stroke without air conditioners.
Cajun...average summer temps are mid 80's. We had central air in our country home and very rarely used it. We had a few days of 100 degrees one year and used the air for about a week, then shut it off. In our house in town we don't have heat vents in the house where air can reach the rooms. All the rooms have baseboard hot water heat running thru copper tubing, it's great for my allergies. (No dust build-up like in the traditional vents) Our home in town is about 18 feet away from a gigantic woods on the west side, many trees on the east and south so not much sun can penetrate our house. These old houses with the plaster wall don't heat up like new homes, fortunately for us. Bruce insisted on putting in a window air conditioner upstairs where my craft/sewing room is, I didn't use it at all this summer. I am a cold blooded person also, my hands and feet are usually cold. Bruce teases me that I only take my wool socks off in July. I don't sweat, never have. That's probably a medical problem and would be in trouble if I had to work all day in the sun and couldn't sweat.

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