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When I started this journey, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of weight I needed to lose (especially faced with the amount of times I'd failed at it in the past). My husband was very encouraging and told me to take one day at a time. Reading similar advice on this forum sealed the deal. Now I focus on the day at hand. I decide what I'm going to eat and how much/if I'm going to exercise. I concentrate on making TODAY the very best it can be for my goals. After the day is over, I do the same thing the next day. It put "life" into manageable chunks for me. Can I be healthy and abstain from sugar and white flour for the rest of my life? No way. Can I do it for ONE DAY - today? Yes.

I read something else on the forums here and I don't remember who wrote it, but she has lost quite a bit of weight. She said (paraphrased): "I have gotten off track on this journey. One day, two days. But NEVER have I been off track for more than 3 days." That's been true for me too. Never more than 3 days. Then, even though I usually have to white-knuckle it, I'm back on track with my "focus on today" plan.

It might be helpful to join a "decades" group so you can encourage/be encouraged by those who have the same amount of weight to lose. "Getting out of the 230s!", etc. I love mine!

Another old Weight Watchers maxim: "Failing to plan is planning to fail."

Good luck!

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