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210.3. Progress, which I have to attribute solely to just campus walking while wrangling the spawn, getting campus ID card, 3 visits to bookstore. Walked up one set of stairs. I'm so so so out of shape. Literally huffing and puffing. Considering I had gotten up to a daily 4-6 mile jog last fall, sustained it through the holidays and managed to lose weight, I'm pretty PO'd at myself. I love running/jogging. I love the endorphins and that feeling when I hit my stride and everything's moving beautifully and my legs are stretching fully and hitting softly, not jarringly, and I'm PO'd at myself for having
again, let everyone else's wants come before my needs and sliding back into the bad habits. I know I'll get over it and push forward, just seems south more difficult this go round.

Speaking of redo's, for those who have lost, regained, relosing, does everything physically seem...different? I remember this weight range and I remember feeling stronger and physically more....firm? Now, I just feel all jiggly and ....fluffy? Is it deflating fat cells or lost muscle mass? I know muscle doesn't 'turn' into fat. It's impossible as they're very different cells and structures but man, intellect and science degrees aside, that's sure what it feels and looks like. Especially since at this weight before, I was 2 clothing sizes smaller!

I'm posting from my phone, so it's difficult to scroll back and post to individuals, but I wanted to say thank you for the welcome backs! And congratulate everyone on their forward motion

Goal 1: 214 lbs. Met!! Goal 2: 197 lbs. Met!! Goal 3: Keep getting healthy in 2013
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