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Well….checking in after a bit of a hiatus. I didn’ wanna expose any of you to my really, really (and neverending) bad mood. I’m feeling Dis Gust Ing. Bones with half-filled water balloons attached. Flippity floppity flabber. Ugh. Not only am I not losing weight, I’m gaining. Sigh. I spend the Entire Weekend sitting down, stressing out like crazy trying to get code written by today…..and I’m not a computer programmer. (All I can say is…thank goodness for Google.) I sacrificed too much to get that “little task” done. Ever have one of those days when you feel like you don’t have enough teats to feed all the creatures trying to attach themselves to your body? I have a lot of those days. I don’t know what to say….I guess my brain/heart/mind is just not focused enough to lose weight. I am spending the next 2 days in the Drs office, and I feel like I’m coming down with something. Hey…told ya I was in a bad mood! (yeah yeah, I know...1st world problems).

Les—tell us how it’s done, will ya?

Wvu—camping?! How lovely! You’ll be in OnederLand soon!

Angihas—LOVE the glasses! Girrrr, you’ve got that naughty librarian Down! (pulls out ponytail, swings hair). You’ve done it before, you can do it again! Tell us how it’s done, lady!

Wicky—yikes! A week to recover! Just try to enjoy having a good excuse to relax! (if possible)

Streudel—woohoo! (green face)

Easily—I thought about have the dancing snoopy as my avatar! If I could dance like that, boy! Could I lose the weight!

Wannaskip. Take a break for now and try to enjoy it! Hopefully you have a supportive network or can find one.

Dreaming. Hang in there and be strong!

Doris—how many families you got?

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