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I think I've become addicted to this forum! So much work to do, and I plan on staying until 10 or so tonight (with the exception of some afternoon gym time), but I checked in and now feel compelled to respond.

Diane - I LOVE that story about your son. First, that he's doing so well. Secondly, that your maternal advice was revisited on you in a positive way. You rock!

Jenje - Yay for you for finishing day 1 of C25K. I sort of fell off of the C25K bandwagon when I had knee issues, but I am going to try to figure out the best place to jump back on for my work-out today. That first day is. so. hard. I tell myself, "This isn't supposed to be easy, but of course you can do it."

LotusMama - Great to see you still around and working hard to make progress!

Nora - I was vegan for about a year and a half when I was 21. But I distinctly remember looking at this cold fried chicken and feeling utter despair that I would never be able to have such a broad category of foods again. I ate the (not-very-good) chicken, and then it was done. So, this means that when my husband was eating barbecue chicken wings and I was eating amazingly good oatmeal, I gave myself permission to just eat one of the wings. I also ordered a side of bacon (three strips) on Saturday, and ate all three strips. Finally, I allow myself one post-work-out scoop of protein powder added to my oatmeal after lifting weights (roughly three times a week). Hmmm... maybe I'm closer to 80%. ;-)

Uber - Your determination is so inspiring! Lots of walking has a great impact on the scale for me. In terms of morning-after scale results, I will take a day at the amusement park 100 times before I will take a really great hour-long work-out. You are totally going to rock this! And you will have a GREAT time on your vacation, too. P.S. Is it super-anal of me that I feel impelled to correct you by saying I'm at 222.4, not 224. =) Those 1.6 pounds were a lot of work!

Mandy - I am so excited for your new phase in life! And it's great that you're doing the weight control thing and getting the resulting energy boost for a time when you'll really need it.

When my husband noticed I started losing weight - This one's interesting for me because I think my husband is completely ambivalent about my weight loss. When I got up to about 240, immediately prior to our wedding, he made comments like, "Why did you stop going to the gym?" But he's also told me that he doesn't like "skinny girls." Honestly, I think my issues are conflicting with his issues, and it's best to leave the subject alone. I hate when people comment on my food choices, and it's kind of hard to talk to him about weight loss effort without inviting those comments, which he's only too happy to give regardless. His ex-wife got weight loss surgery and lost a bunch of weight, and, in his words, "decided she was too good for" him. Her post-weight-loss affair cost him his first marriage, so he's sensitive to it. I also don't want to hear, "You've gained weight" comments, so I'm not going to solicit the "You look great after losing the weight" comments.

I have a standing desk that I can also sit at, and I usually mix about 50/50 standing/sitting. Today, I have stood almost the entire day, and chosen to walk into the common area to recycle papers rather than dispose of them in the box below my desk. Soon, I will be doing some running. Plus, I have had a productive day at work. Good day all around.
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