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Originally Posted by wannaskipandlaugh View Post
Too Wicky.. just checking on you to see if you are having a good forward progress! I believe in you!
I'm touched that you asked about me! I didn't post because i was not proud that I continued to gain weight :/ and got up to 209.

I've had a rough past 7 days. Because of fear, I did not take care of a dental procedure a year ago. I would rather be in a stuck elevator full of ventriloquist dummies than have a serious dental procedure (my other two big fears.) I waited until my tooth was hurting to finally take care of it. And by hurting I mean blinding, agonizing cant sleep, can't function, just the worst pain I've ever had in my life. I was just trying to get thru each hour. I lost 8 lbs in one week I'm down to 201.4 as of this morning. So today I went to the oral surgeon and got my tooth extracted. On a soft food diet for a handful of days. Fingers crossed for a smooth recovery.

NSV- last year the previous surgeon recommended hospital extraction (wisdoms, too) with real general anesthesia because of my morbid obesity, small inside throat area (obesity issues,) borderline high blood pressure, etc. This year, with the new oral surgeon, and despite my regain, weight wise and health wise I was fine for IV sedation in the oral surgeons office!!! My march toward better health continues.

Looking forward to this diet reboot. My immediate diet will be a bit crazy as I accommodate this recovery. I would be okay with a bit of weight gain. I am so under rested, undernourished, and exhausted from this ordeal.

Looking forward to getting back in touch with old friends and making new ones here. Good luck everyone!

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