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Hello lovelies! weekend got off to an early start. My oldest had an early day at the oral surgeon having his wisdom teeth removed. I ended up taking the entire day off, being lazy, and fretting and worrying about my poor baby. (And feeling guilty about not getting work done. Heavens! I need a break away from work.) My youngest helped me set up a "recovery room" for him last night down in the basement where it's cooler (what a sweetie pie!). And I discovered his nosebleed-related blood stains from last week on the door frame of the basement bathroom. Yuck. (I thanked him for saving our oldest son from the last of the ten plagues.) Poor baby is convalescing nicely...tho today, I kept seeing the headline "Invalid son trapped in basement by Mom"...

Knees throbbing today, prolly from running up and down the basement stairs, so decided to put off the C25K until tomorrow.

...."behave".... !?!?! whachyew talking' bout Doris? phumph!

OK chickadees. It's Friday. It's August 1. New calendar page. Clean sheet night. Another excuse to start afresh...and KICK SOME AUGUST BUTT!! Time to make the list: keep going with the C25K, weights for arms, stay away from the liquid donuts. And Salads, Salads, Salads...

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