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July 31 weight - 228.8

1. 225.0 (down 3.8) Have stagnated for 8 days, though, so it might stick. Or it might not.
2. 223.0 (down 2.0 from yesterday) Scale is doing weird stuff...
3. 223.4 (up 0.4) Big pancake breakfast, but restricted other meals, so calories still within range.
4. 222.4 (down 1.0)
5. 222.4 (same) Can't all be losing days, so I'll be grateful I didn't gain. Within calories range, but high sodium and low sleep, so grateful I broke even, I suppose.
6. 221.8 (down 0.6) I'll take it! Edited: AF makes her appearance at about 12:15. Interesting.
7. 221.4 (down 0.4) Finished seven (strong) gym days in a row, and my body was very sore last night.
8. 220.6 (down 0.8) Essentially took a rest day, though I did take a short walk.
9. 220.8 (up 0.2) Sigh. Did run for 1.05 miles, and then finished with walking/running intervals to get 2 miles in 28 minutes exactly.
10. 220.0 (down 0.8) So close to finally breaking through the 220 barrier! Hit the gym hard yesterday.
11. 220.2 (up 0.2) The scale has said 220.something for FOUR days in a row. Walked for 4.25 miles yesterday. I'll get there eventually.
12. 220.6 (up 0.4) Make that FIVE days in a row. To be fair, I did eat high sodium junk food before bed, so it's kind of on me. Calories were fine, but need higher quality calories.
13. 219.4 (down 1.2) It is ABOUT time! Now, the battle to stay below 220 begins.
14. 220.0 (up 0.6) Ate orange chicken for lunch yesterday. Also, walked for 3 miles and lifted weights. Heavy weights. Low-cal, nutrient-dense food today.
15. 220.6 (up 0.6) Binged for the first time since I started. Two pieces of french toast (with butter and syrup), 6 or 7 pieces of thick-cut bacon, and fruit. With a less-than-stellar run. Sad, but a lesson learned.
16. 220.0 (down 0.6) Low calories. Less-than-stellar run. Hopefully, I'll break through this rubber floor soon.
17. 219.8 (down 0.2) Will I stay below 220? Hope so. It's been 9 days of being at 220.x, with the exception of a single day.
18. 219.2 (down 0.6) I am hoping I finally shook my set point. Lifted weights at the gym. Mowed the lawn. Ate two reasonable meals.
19. 219.0 (down 0.2) Not an impressive loss, but I'll take it. Did C25K, so run/walk intervals for 1.9 miles. Then walked with the hubby for 3.4 miles. Super sore this morning.
20. 216.8 (down 2.2) And look at that. Four consecutive loss days, and today's was a big number. Starting to make up for Aug. 8-16. Lifted weights yesterday. Fairly low calories. Super hungry. Defying the serious hunger often results in loss the next day. Something to keep in mind, I suppose.
21. 215.6 (down 1.2) Really liking the scale the last few days. She's a fickle lover, but when she's on, she's on. Ate lots of spinach yesterday. And a s'more. Did Week 4 of C25K (2 miles) and walked for 3.5 miles.
22. 216.8 (up 1.2) Hmmm... I ate about 200 calories during the day to save calories for my evening meal, and I ate reasonably at the evening meal, but don't really know how many calories I consumed. But it was a lot of sodium, I'm sure. Add to that hitting the weights hard, and I'm choosing to believe this is water weight. =)
23. 214.0 (down 2.8) Guess no real damage from Thursday's (8/21) evening meal. =) Ran/walked (C25K) 2.5 miles yesterday afternoon, then mostly walked (with a few short running intervals) 4.2 miles in the evening.
24. 214.0 (same as yesterday) After being down 5 pounds from 5 days ago, not going to stress about maintaining. Had a good lifting session. A little sore.
25. 212.6 (down 1.4) Unintentionally low calorie day, even though I ate a much-coveted cookie. Also did C25K, Week 6, Day 2. 8 minutes running, 1.5 minutes walking, 10 minutes running, some miscellaneous running at the end.
26. 211.4 (down 1.2) Traveled, ate out, even had a bit of ice cream. Not sure why the weight continues to drop so well, but I'm not complaining.
27. 210.6 (down 0.8) Did a 20-minute (1.5 mile) run yesterday. Woot! Also went for a 3-mile walk. Looking forward to being out of the two-teens!
28. 210.8 (up 0.2) Mini-binge yesterday afternoon, but lifted weights later and had a light dinner. Hopefully, will go in the right direction again tomorrow.
29. 210.4 (down 0.4) Great run yesterday. Felt horrible in the evening. Not sure if it's fatigue. May take a rest day.
30. 209.6 (down 0.8) Felt sick yesterday. Not productive at work. Too nauseated to eat. Ate half a chicken breast before crashing at 6 p.m. and sleeping until 8 a.m. Feel better this morning. =)
31. 209.6 (same) Kayaking yesterday. Sunburn. Not a lot of exercise, did well with food.
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