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Originally Posted by MonteCristo View Post
I can only tell you what I did. Use it as you see fit.

I did two weeks of induction. The first week I exercised for 20 minutes on the elliptical every day. I lost over 10lbs. The second week I didn't exercise at all. I lost about 3-4lbs. So, no, cardio didn't stall my weightloss. But you don't want to wear yourself out while transitioning off carbs so I wouldn't do anything too strenuous.

However, I have found that whenever I start a strength training exercise I gain a little weight for a couple of days. But that is just your muscles holding on to water as they will come back off.
Thanks! I will give it a try for a week or two and see what happens on the scale. I just want to make sure I don't get discouraged if I'm not seeing the numbers drop, which has happened many times in the past.
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