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Hi All
Back again! Still need to get better about checking in every days seem to just get away from me and then I read everything on my train commute and it's just such a pain to write an update from an iphone! ok so here goes while I try to back track as much as possible!

LaurieDawn - Take deep breaths. There are pros and cons to our partners doing things with us. My guy is not heavy, at 6'5" he weighs in at about 190 lbs (tall and lanky and somewhat squishy and not super buff toned). As much as it gets overwhelming being the CDO (chief domestic officer) and being in charge of feeding us I'm glad that he will eat everything that I cook without complaint and is on board with being partners in a healthy lifestyle however I HATE how easily he does things like say no to carbs and will instantly lose 5 lbs not even trying.

Garnetrising - I agree with you 100% that side planks are the devil. Even at my fittest it's one exercise I can never really do right. Stick with what you know and what you are being taught.

LotusMama - Vacations and travel in general is hard. You have to be able to live your life as well as a part of your plan so I say just be conscious and do the best you can. To come back from a vacation not all on plan and still be down 4lbs is awesome.

LisaMarie - WELCOME! This group is awesome!

Fera - you should do whatever works for you. You sound like you know your triggers and are doing your best to 'stay the course' It's a personal journey, do what is best for you for sure.

Uber - I have a weight too that I've spent more time around than any other one too....and it's the one I'm at right now and it's so hard trying to break through it. I'm similar to you regarding keeping your life separate - in my professional life I have a very public facing job and am 'easily searchable' so I tend to keep things separate. I debate when I get around to launching a blog I think I will use my real name but will probably avoid too many pictures of my face and probably wont be posting any comparison weight loss photos. My outline of what that blog will be is going to be more lifestyle focus with 'hey I lost weight' as a benefit and less here's a before and after shot of myself in my skivvies ... I don't need my clients, staff or business partners to ever see that! Also I live closer to Worcester and commute to downtown Boston every if you lived up here you know the haul that can be... 1.5 hours each way of a driving/train/walking combo. I LOVE snow and winter and while I get a little weary of it come late January/February when those dark days start to weigh on you I would take a snowbank over humidity ANY day.

Ok I'm not sure how far back that takes me but it's getting difficult to backtrack further since my last post. So here is the update on me. 244. I'm sticking at 244. It's my 'stuck' weight that I need to get beyond so I'm setting a minim goal for 5lbs. I sooo just want to get under 240 and see a different middle number so I'm staying the course and will then take the next mini goal from there. I've been doing well for the most part with food and the gym. It's hot here again so I've been struggling a bit to get out of bed for my early morning workouts but on the flip side it's too hot to want to cook or eat so I'm staying pretty on track with the absolutely necessary hot weather afternoon iced skim latte. It's been quiet at work and I don't have to travel again until mid August so my goal is to get below the 240 mark before I head to Toronto next month.

On the homestead front. Anyone that wants to pick my brain at any time is fine with me. I'm learning as I go. I did at least start a Weebly account so I can start to develop a blog. I've made it as far as registering. I am not good at catchy titles or tag lines (it's why I'm in sales and not marketing) so I'm open for suggestions while I sit here staring at a blank page. I want it to look nice and be good and since I could open the account and keep it free while I develop it and can pick my 'title' later I'm going to outline how to format it first and hope the name will come to me as I go.

Last weekend I went to the farm and picked 12.5lbs of blueberries... I think I figured out how to attach a photo to my post so I think it's thre. OMG they are just so good. I could eat blueberries all day. From that I got 4 pints of blueberry pie filling (which will get me through the holidays with ease since that is the only time of year I ever make pie), many jars of jam (which are also set for holiday gifts) as well as got a few pounds frozen for over winter use and a few trays dehydrating for over winter use (think throw in oatmeal). It took me all day but it was worth it. I also started canning some fresh fruit for over the of my jars broke and I'm not sure I packed the others full enough but hey, it's trial and error. I've got more squash and zucchini coming in than I can keep up with but unfortunately the groundhog got into my beans and ate them all so I'm waging war on the furry creature. I put a deposit on a half pig...yeah you heard me a half pig. We are going to do bulk buys for meat from local farms this year for the first time. Basically on the pig I'm paying a farmer to raise me a pig from a piglet (and send me updates if I want) that is all humane, naturally and organically raised etc. It will come fully butchered however we want it cut and we will be able to pick it up in February (the farm is just about an hour west of us so I'm hoping we won't have to pick up in a blizzard!). My parents are going to split it with us so we will probably have about 35-40lbs each which will last us a long time (in the deep freezer). We are trying to do the same for beef but I can't seem to get the farmer on the phone. Chickens are ongoing, I pick them up once a month until about October. Usually I'm trying to stock up for the winter but honestly I'm glad I've got a bit going on for the summer because my grocery store is on strike....I'm not sure how far in the media the 'Market Basket' strike in New England has made it but I'm in support of the employees and am holding ground with them and trying to shop elsewhere which means going way out of my way so unless I'm desperate for milk I'm not going. Anyway this is getting long winded so that's it for now. I will again try to get back here more regularly!!!!!!
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