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I am so happy not to be talking just to myself any more!!!!

My weight was exactly the same again this morning ... 172. We wound up grilling whatever vegetables were grill-able last night to use them up, and a vegetarian "chik'n" patty for me and two for hubby. We each ate ours on a "flat bun," those 100-calorie sandwich buns that Arnold and Pepperidge Farms and some others make. I had a touch of barbecue sauce on mine. Plus some red wine. It was a lovely, filling dinner, and we had a good time grilling together (it's usually me in the kitchen, him doing chores and calling him for dinner when it's all ready). I have asparagus marinating to grill for tonight's dinner and am not sure what I will have for protein. I'll also have to come up with a starch, and will probably try to use up more potatoes. I have some Yukon Golds and some russets that have to get used up before I can be completely on plan. And I just don't truly believe that white potatoes are all that horrible for most people anyway ... they have potassium and other nutrients and are filling and full of fiber. It's the sour cream and butter and gravy that people put on them, plus excessive oil, that makes them bad.

My breakfast was a slice of my whole-grain bread, toasted, with some natural chunky peanut butter and a small glass of oj (not on plan). I had almonds for my snack, and packed a sandwich of whole wheat pita spread with hummus and stuffed with leftover grilled veggies. I have a nectarine also.
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