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Having a good OP Day, hope that everyone else is... Guess what?? I lost another pound, so I now have a BMI putting me no longer in the "morbidly obese category", now I'm just "severe obesity".. considering I started out off the charts of where these things were recorded (they now call it "super obesity", not something you want to be super at), I'm stupendously proud of where I'm at now.

Life is good.. as both Slip and Kooky have also said, my relationship with food is totally different. I eat less, and most times I have to prompt myself to eat since I don't usually feel hunger per se.

Today.. July 14th was a banner day for me. It was my biggest NSV thus far. I went into a store that had a plus section as well as a "misses/jr" section. I saw this dress on the misses section that I adored.. it was sooo lovely! They had it in sizes up to a 16, but I was like there's no way.. it's in the normal people sizes.. my girlfriend convinced me to try it on, and begrudgingly I did. IT FIT... now granted, it was the largest size they carry, but it was in the NORMAL people clothes.. the stuff that actually looks NICE!!! after I got out of it, I put my clothes back on in the dressing room and needed a few minutes. I teared up. I never thought that I'd get to this point.. ever. When you're as big as I was, you just never think that normal is something you could ever be.

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