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Saef, glad you were able to get in touch and make sure that the woman was still alive and was actually sick and not skipping out on the job. I have studied Japanese and I can tell you grammatically it is extremely different from English. Verbs always come at the end of sentences, for example, and sometimes verb conjugations can have all sorts of innuendo encoded in them. For example, a single verb can say that someone else ate your food and you are upset about it ("taberareteshimatta"). In English, the verb would still just be "ate."

My mom goes home tomorrow. I really don't mind having my mom around, which is kind of an interesting discovery. My dad and I don't get along very well but my mom is a great house guest. She helps out a lot with the babies! Poor C has another cold, just after getting over the last one. Sigh.

In other news, we are meeting with a vet behaviorist to evaluate Carter today. Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. He bit my foot the other day and if I hadn't been wearing sneakers it would have done some damage, so it is not looking good for him.
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