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Originally Posted by jensassy View Post

I had another lackluster appointment with my IE coach. I have also decided to end it with her even though we have 2 sessions left. I'm tired of being yelled at for an hour each week about being accountable and how shameful it is that I let myself get to a 7 on my hunger scale and not keep it to a 5.5 or 6. She also yelled at me several times to "JUST GROW UP" yesterday. I completely shut down and she wondered why I had no reaction to her. I just don't need that crap anymore? This is what got me to where I am quite frankly and she sounds way too much like a diet fanatic to me. So that's that, I'm 'growing up' and moving on!
Jensassy! How horrible! You sound like such an upbeat and positive person, your coach sounds like the very last person you need in your life. Or anyone for that matter. Sounds like maybe she is preaching the eat when you are hungry stop when you are full diet. She also sounds abusive. yucko. Glad you are kicking her to the curb.

Originally Posted by BeachBreeze2010 View Post
Hi Jen!

No and yes? I lost the weight you see on the ticker on the "divorce diet" about 3 years ago - extreme stress upsets my stomach and made it hard to eat and then I chose to handle my stress with running and exercise rather than food or alcohol because it made me feel better (maybe a seed of IE?) - voila' BIG weight loss in a short period of time. I had read the Overcoming Overeating book 2 years before that and liked the concepts but just wasn't ready mentally to do it. I originally joined 3FC before that trying to lose weight the restriction diet way - and was unsuccessful for more than a few pounds up or down.

Then, my new boyfriend (now DH), and I watched the Forks over Knives documentary and really liked the idea. We followed the plan for awhile and something interesting happened - I learned that I like "real" food and that my body felt better when I ate it. I found that I chose those foods over processed foods because I genuinely wanted them. But wait - it's not "ride off into the sunset time yet, lol" - then the holidays came and bring on the meat/cheese/sugar binge and 15lbs of regain.

That following January, it all finally clicked for me. I remembered the Overcoming Overeating book I had read before and thought about how it made me feel eating whole foods (good but a little deprived) and how it felt to eat the holiday foods (icky after more than just a little bit). Cue the music and light shining from above - If I could eat mindfully choosing foods based on what made me happy, I could achieve some balance and could enjoy ALL foods again.

So, the short answer is that no, I didn't lose the weight on IE, but it is what has helped me maintain my weight for 3 years and then lose that 15lbs I gained over the holidays.

Interestingly, when I was the closest to mindful eating, was the time that I maintained/lost weight and when I had the most restriction and subsequent binge, I gained weight. And I truly believe that mindful eating is what will help me continue to lose. I feel that there is more weight to lose because there is still room for improvement for me in eating mindfully. I am still working on self care and body image and self esteem. For me, I think my progress on that will have a direct impact on weight loss.

I believe that weight loss (at least the 100lb kind) isn't linear. It's a series of trial and error. And more of a mental health journey than a nutritional/exercise one. (But I am a HUGE believer that part of mindful eating is a food discovery journey that should include a wide variety of natural foods. I think our bodies were designed to run properly on real, actual food and that processed, sugary foods should be enjoyed to the extent that we really want them.)

I didn't mean to write out a life story! Oh well, it's an intro.
I love life stories! Thanks for sharing yours. I also stop eating in times of extreme stress when something really bad is happening in my life. I lost all my first baby weight plus some with my divorce. I felt too nauseous to eat. Anxiety eating is different though. I really want to eat when Im anxious.

The wine and cheese night sounds like such a cool idea.

Welcome Marina Brasil! We are glad to have you on our thread.

So, Im just hanging out, waiting to be hungry for breakfast. That used to make me really anxious, like I would feel like I have to eat something but now I don't worry about it. I know that my food will taste better if I wait until Im hungry and I will pick something I really want.

eta: I have seen intro threads on forums for specific groups or ways of eating. Would there be a way to do an IE intro thread somewhere? Or should people just post on this thread?

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