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Staying the Same
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Hi all,

I've been cutting food intake a bit for the past few days, and also maybe scamping more on exercise than I should.

I can't really say my exact workouts for July 1-5, but I almost certainly went to the gym in the morning July 1, 2, and 3. 4 and 5 were rest days.

July 6: I ran about 2 miles in the humidity outside and wanted to die.

July 7: 1.25 miles treadmill running, lat pulldowns, tricep cable pulldowns, DB shoulder presses, KB swings, planks. Moved a bunch of stuff after work.

July 8: 0.5 miles treadmill running, 10 min stair stepper, Smith machine squats, glute bridges with 45# plate, KB swings, KB deadlifts, planks. Moved more stuff after work.

July 9: 10 min stair stepper, DB bench presses, DB tricep extensions, DB push presses, KB swings, 5 min arc trainer, planks, Roman chair leg raises
Push on some more!

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