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Hi! Just ordered some Wonderslim but am very confused by their "plan". I have been doing Medifast on and off since last fall and have lost about 25 pounds on it but I would like to try Wonderslim to help the budget. I still have a bunch of MF stuff that I need to use so I thought I would start with subbing a few WS items. My favorite MF items are the cereal, oatmeal and bars and I am almost out of those so I ordered the WS bar variety pack, both types of cereal and also their general variety box with a little of everything to try.

I love how easy it is with MF-- I just pick any one of their items (except the clearly defined snacks) for my 5 meals. I can have Mashed potatoes for breakfast and pudding for the next 4 meals if I want. I am confused by the WS plan which seems to define the items differently and it seems like they are not interchangeable. I prefer to keep shakes/drinks to a minimum because they are harder to prepare and I like to eat actual food that I have to chew. I am looking at their "core" plan but it looks like the cereal and oatmeal are not even used on that? And the "premium" plan is very confusing because it adds 2 more WS meals but only eliminates one starch and 2 veggies which don't seem like the nutritional values really add up.

Can anyone help make this less confusing?
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