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i think sometimes we are in denial about things, and when it is presented to us in a way that we can't look away from, it hurts. You are fat. It's a fact. Your granddaughter is 4, and she saw it and said it. Like she'd say "that bunny is brown. that school bus is yellow." we do that with kids "look at the truck honey, it's big and moving sand." But when they say something like "Auntie you have fat ankles" [yup, my niece said that and it is true] we think "Ack! Don't mention that! If you don't mention it I don't have to think about it!"

The thing is, my niece doesn't care that I have fat ankles. Like I didn't care that my nana had "ugly legs" which I told her when I was 4. (She did, they had veins that showed) but what I loved about her was a million other things about her. I was just pointing out a fact.

My feelings about my ankles aren't my nieces fault, and your feelings about your weight were there before your granddaughter said anything, she just shined a light on them.

Have you been to your doctor about your depression to talk about medical treatment for it?
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