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Hi ladies. No time for personals!

I got in a really good workout this morning with DH! (well it was a slow run 3.75 miles and weights)

Dr. started me on Zoloft, so here goes this try of fixing my rollercoaster of moods. Got P. O'd at a close co-worker who basically told me I was starting a gateway drug and it was better to have a roller coaster of emotions than to take anything to help because it was going to lead me to a path with Meth, heroine and the like. I have tried everything natural to help, even the doctor said that. I am not weak, I just need help right now!! AND I'm not a drug user!

W 80 oz
E 60 minute workout! DONE
E 1700 cals
D have a great day. Crazy b-day party, and do not break my leg roller skating!
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