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Hello all!!
Just got back from my rehersal supper.. MY mom cried and that made me more and more nervous..IT was a success..It is strange though--Refman has a family that is sort of stand offish and I have the typical Southern family that kisses and hugs.. His mom I think was sort of off balance with the touching!!!The preacher is soo cool about things and kept us in stitches esp when I was shaky at times..and red faced..#1 is gonna walk and stand as a bridesmaid but #2..well I will wait on that one!!SHe was good at running around!!!*L*
One more week--I hope I have everything done..I am proud cuz it is still under $3000 even with spending $1000 on catering the food.I am getting really stressed at this point!!!

Food wise=too nervous to eat...I had pickles and pudding today--the rumors were flying that the wedding was too late..
My brain is too weird to respond to everyone..soo I will have to respond later!!!
Have a great evening!!!
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