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Originally Posted by mylastdiet View Post
Good morning!
Today is an exciting day for me (well, as far as IP goes). A new clinic opened up near my home and they are willing to selling IP products to me without my "joining." I approached them honestly, telling them that I was using alternatives and would continue to do so. Because of the amount of weight I need to lose, I will be on the program for quite some time and this is going to take a great deal of cash!! I explained that there were some IP products that I really loved and had found no substitute for, and asked if they would be open to me being a paying customer. They were agreeable to this, and I am thrilled to finally have a source to purchase products.
I drink EAS shakes at least once a day, sometimes twice, but I have not found a good substitute for my lunchtime staples. I love the Fine Herb and Cheese Omelet with added broccoli and mushrooms, and the Chili with 2 cups of okra stewed in. My other fave IP staple that I have missed so much is the RTD Mango drink and the strawberry-banana drink!
I have found a few alternatives from Nashua that I like, but they are mostly the sweeter treats like bars and soy puffs, and I try to stay away from those (perfectly fine on IP, but are dangerous trigger foods for me).

Have an awesome day everyone!
That is GREAT!

On Saving $$:

For your omelets, you can substitute a packet and use one whole egg and three egg whites for a comparable nutrition profile. I like that I am using a real food and saving $.

Look for Maple Grove Farms SUGAR FREE pancake/waffle mix found in the grocery store. Near Bob's Red Mill and gluten free products. $3.99 a box... Just use 1/4 cup mix with water to get batter consistency. No need to add egg or oil! Serve with Walden Farms maple or blueberry syrup.

I get a LOT from Nashua using the brands: Proti Diet, Proti Thin, HealthSmart and Weight Loss Systems from their site. I order soups, puddings, cakes, chips, chili, pasta, cookies, pretzels, etc as well as bars and shakes.

You GOT this!

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