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KarinRose - Wow you do have alot of parties and gatherings (Landmines) this month! I KNOW you will do darn well during those as you will have fun and joy with the people! Hugs to you!

Jillybean -I am so sorry about your sorrows and stress that happened.. oh gosh.. I can't imagine losing a loved foal (or any kind of baby) that you are doing everything you can to help it live.. I am so sorry for your lose and I understand your feelings and what happened (I lost a man I really liked in February) I am glad you are here and can show us the way to Onderland! and I bet you fly to the next thread likety Split!

Josiegarden.. WOW you have lost 20% of your weight! HAZAAA and a big time Shazaam! Good no GRRRRRRREAT... That is awesome.. To me 20% off is a meanful loss.. its a work in progress and not just a short weekend losing!

Thank you Streudel, WV (I am glad you had a good Birthday) and Karin for your words of encouragement... Gosh darn water weight gain GGRRRR> But yesterday I had lost another lb and today I was down to 220.2 (sooooo close) so almost all the water weight gain from Thursday (2.8 lbs) is gone... just .6 more and ... after I walked this morning the scale read 218.6! soooooo maybe Monday MIGHT be a good day for a change! LOL

Happy Sunday evening all and I wish you a wonderful night!

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