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Good morning everyone! I am looking forward to church this morning and hopefully some time with our son. I gained another half pound this week and know it is because I have gone back to evening eating in a big way! For some reason all rules are off (in my head) after dinner. I do not believe it is real hunger, it is habit but it's a bad habit.

Otherwise...yesterday I went to a big sale at BB&B...they are moving a few doors down and selling off a lot of stuff at 60% I got picture frames, candles, a picture to hang in our foyer, drinking glasses, and carpet cleaner. I also returned the keyboard I just bought for a smaller one that fits better on my desk slide-out shelf. It is much more comfortable.

Time to eat breakfast and get ready. Hope you all have a good Sunday.

My eating so far today:
2 sl ww toast with little SB and tiny amt of jelly
abt 1/2 cup cantaloupe

Lunch - Chinese restaurant
1 1/2 vegetable eggrolls
About a cup of chicken chop suey - it was about 1/4 of the whole dish - brought home rest

PM snack
PB mocha frappe made with almond milk, fiber and a stevia added.

Later pm (abt diner time but just before going on our senior service at church)
a bunch of radishes

small serving of chicken chop suey - very few noodles, mostly veggies with little meat (same with lunch)
PB mocha frappe made with almond milk, fiber and stevia

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