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More anecdotal evidence for you: Yes, it's true about being cold now that I've lost a significant amount of weight, and the effects are lingering years after. I've had two obese house guests in my apartment recently: my mother and a very good, long-time friend of mine, whose weight now requires that she use a CPAP machine everywhere she goes. When I slept in my room with windows shut and a blanket up, in the guest room they opened a window and threw off all but the sheet. This happened during the day time, too, particularly when we were walking for extended periods of time. They'd get warm and sweaty from walking, I'd feel like nothing much had happened.

And I also get very cold after eating a salad and a refrigerated beverage when the indoor temperature is in the 60s or low 70s. So much so that I was drinking room temperature water or even brewing a cup of coffee afterward to keep from shivering.

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