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Originally Posted by ubergirl View Post
Actually, there is compelling evidence on both sides of this debate, and I'm quite familiar with it.

I think if someone experiences their own battle with food as an addiction that is perfectly valid from a psychological viewpoint and may turn out to be true from a physiological viewpoint-- but the jury is still out.

You should feel free to speak to your own addiction if you feel that you have one. I made it quite clear at the top of the post that I'm speaking for myself and I would not characterize my relationship with food as an addiction.
I get that you don't like the term addict applied to yourself & I certainly honor that. When you draw the disctinction between addiction and bad habits I'm confused since this view of addiction does not contradict the models to which i referred. When you added the further distinction that you would not hold up a convenience store as if that is why you don't consider yourself addicted, that's perfectly fine but does not reflect an understanding of addiction by any definition ~ perhaps a distancing from the stigma associated with a stereotype.

That's how I interpreted your remarks and did not mean to offend in any way, just carry on a lively discussion about something that interests me, and apparently a lot of others. Over and out.

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