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Originally Posted by Wannabeskinny View Post
The struggle each person faces is very personal. You may not diminish what I have been through, the extent of my eating disorder, or the amount of work that I put into addressing it. There is a difference between finding the right method and finding the method that everyone else says is the right method. I can only speak through my own experience, I may not have as much weight to lose as you but that does not mean I have not faced my own struggles.

Exactly! And by denying that food addiction exists (which is exactly what YOU said), you not only diminish those who've experience it, you deny their very experience.

If you found the right method by denying YOUR addiction, then you were never an addict.

I also did not say that you did not face your own struggles, just that you cannot fully understand mine, nor can I fully understand yours. That's not diminishing either.

If you've never eaten food from the trash or gotten into a car accident because you were more interested in the donuts on your passenger seat than the road ahead, you cannot possibly understand the extreme power food can have over a person's life.

It's one thing to say "I am not a food addict, just because some people thought I was," and an entirely different (and deeply disrespectful and offensive) thing to say food addiction does not exist, especially directly to the people experiencing it.
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