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Hi Wannabechef

Congrats on the progress so far!!! Be careful about the bites of food though, it very well could be slipping you out of Ketosis. all it takes is about 20 calories to slip out (3 sticks of gum a day) also by ingesting carbs of any time you can be stunting the ketosis progress since the act of ketosis is turning your body from a carb eating machine to a fat eating machine.. so if you're ingesting carbs, your body naturally wants to continue consuming carbs for energy rather than your fat.

Don't worry so much about the number on the scale though, my first week I lost 9, then 2 then 2.5 then 2.5 then 5.5 and I've followed it to the letter. I have no idea what makes some weeks better than others :S

Also, as a women, our bodies are built to hold onto fat... so the guys will lose twice as much and twice as fast.. it sucks, but that's our lot in life. BOOO

Good luck and don't kick yourself too hard for those bites
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