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Originally Posted by owlsteazombies View Post
I've been catching myself waiting to eat when I'm at a 1 or a 0 and then stopping at a 2 or a 3 for fear that I'll overeat, and instead I end up undereating all day.

I'm always a little hungry. But it's an improvement. When I was counting calories all I could think about was my next meal, my next snack, when I could have it, how long until then. Now, it's just a notion. If I really wanted, I could go get it. But why not wait?
I did the exact same thing when I started following IE principles. And then eventually I would just want to be FULL so I would overeat. Just recently I have started to let go of the fear of eating past satisfied and really just trying to enjoy my food and EAT. If I do eat a little over satsifaction, so what? It just means I won't be hungry as soon as if I had stopped a little bit sooner. It has made a difference in my overall satsifaction and anxiety level for sure. I don't feel so anxious when I sit down to food like "oh no what if I eat past satisfaction?" But its a process. I realize that one of my main problems has been to read what the goal is and think that is what I need to do from now on every time. And that just isn't the case. It's a step by step slow gradual process of learning to trust yourself and your body.

I have also been re reading The Overfed Head and that has helped me immensely with the "good food bad food" conundrum I was having.
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