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Originally Posted by Wannabehealthy View Post
I am NOT a picky eater. I will eat most things and try anything new, but I do have preferences. My husband is a VERY picky eater. It makes things really difficult. There are about 5 meals I can cook for him.

I heard that it has something to do with your taste buds. People who are picky eaters have more sensitive taste buds than others.
You are correct - it is a sensory thing. Bitter tastes are usually stronger in a picky eater. Textures are also a significant issue for many of us. I can see how it would be difficult in a marriage or parenting. I'm single with no kids so I can usually have what I'm comfortable with foodwise, and if I feel daring enough to try a new food, I can do it in privacy, which makes it less nerve-racking. Social settings can be okay or slightly challenging or nightmarish for me.
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