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I have discovered if I don't wait to eat until I am ravenous, that it is much easier to slow down and savor my meal while eating mindfully. I mean duh. But it took a while for me to make that connection. I noticed that in every IE book I read, I would usually wait to eat on the hunger scale until it was at a 1 or even a 0. So, I have really been getting in touch with more subtle hunger. It has been SO much more enjoyable. I used to try to force myself to eat slowly but would find myself wolfing food down. Now I know why, its because I was really really hungry.

I have been going back and reading through all the old IE threads on here and it has been so helpful. That is where I was able to begin to see the connection between waiting until I was so hungry and then being unable to eat slowly or mindfully. By reading others experiences.
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