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I do not need anyone approval or permission to eat at this level. I am also 57 years old and I dont know how old you are but my tdee to maintain at 147 is 1435 when I reach my goal I will redo the calculation and base the tdee on that weight. Dince I want to lose weight I decresed that by 25% and that was established by a certified dietician.

I have lost 60 pounds in the past and I regained because I went to 2000 calories a day that equalled to a 30 pounds weight gain, so like I said when I get to 130. I will eat the tdee that is for me and again after a consultation with a dietician.

I have a very happy life and that includes my eating. I am 90% vegetarian so therefore 1200 calories of mostly veg, grain and fruit is quite satisfying. snyway like I said I do not need to justify myself.

I am happy that you can achieve a weight loss at 2100 calories, it is not my case. Exactly why I posted because people put everything according to their needs and not the one of the poster.
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