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So I'm over 30 and in the 200s - this seems like a good thread for me to join in on! A little bit about me....I'm 33 and just joined back up yesterday. I was on 3FC many years ago (2006 ish?) and I got just to about the 200 mark with onederland in sight and was derailed by what turned into a bad relationship. My whole landscape has changed since then....but I have never successfully gotten back on track. I have gained back every single pound and have been hovering between 240-250 for what is now...years. Carbs and booze are my big problems.

Alcohol has played a huge role in my life and weight problem since high school really so I am tackling 2 problems at once my weight and my drinking - but really it's all connected because the goal is a long term healthy fit lifestyle. I guess you could say I had a 're-awakening' on Sunday night (also posted in the intro section). In recap it was spring closet cleaning day which I'm terrified of because I have to try on clothes i haven't seen all winter so in order to get through it I drank an entire box of wine (yes you heard me, a box, for the math, that is about 4 bottles, I admit it) which led to a big embarrassing drunk blow out with my boyfriend and brought me to the hard decision day and I chose my health and life.

Today is day 1 back on my healthy eating plan and is day 2 with no alcohol. (FYI since I know it will come up I will not be going to AA because of personal conflicts with the religious aspects of that program however if it looks like I need additional support kicking the booze I intend on working with my doctor and perhaps a private program to help). So far I'm doing ok and I'm feeling really good and motivated today. I am counting calories (and am actually counting them) committing to a healthy low carb organic food plan, work with a trainer once a week (which I have been doing since last fall), will actually DO my fitness homework outside of our session, wearing my Up band to make sure I'm moving enough during the day and getting enough sleep and water and I'm not touching a drop of alcohol. My BF and I (rounding 4 years, own a house, no kids, 1 cat) are also committed together to working on our relationship to make sure that any root problems we have are worked out as a part of this process for me.

Ok sorry that was long - I'm long winded sometimes. I'm looking forward to 'meeting' you all! I'm also around on the 100lb board too (at 5'5" and 247 I've got 100lbs to lose)
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