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Struggling a bit today. Dad is having a very down day. He couldn't tell me why, but then said he's sad that he'll be losing me in a few days. I feel very guilty about that because even though I know I'll miss being here, i was missing DH and the pet crew. I wish I didn't have a job that I had to do/take time off from, but I am thankful for that, too.

Will take Dad up to see Mom this evening, nephew will run into hardware store because some LOUSE stole my dad's flag. Yes, right off the flagpole. I picked up a new flag and the complete IRONY is my mom was on me repeatedly last visit for me to stop and buy a spare flag after I put a new flag on the pole - ha ha. This has been a day of bizarre things - another patient left with my mom's wheelchair from dialysis, as well. Brother squared that away. Sister called mom last night and accused her of avoidance and so mom was sick three times last night. She was in tears this morning. Such an unsettled day.

GosfordGirl - I, too, liked the Miracle Questions - thank you for posting that. I think I'll work on being more appreciative of what I do have and enjoy in my life. I know a while back I learned to give thanks to everyone who brought me something - say I had a relaxing cup of tea, then thank the tea growers, those who picked it, shipped it, brought it here, delivered it to the stores, stocked the shelves, and sold it - the whole "chain of command" of a product, if you will. Easier when it's from a farmer's market But then thanking for the fertile ground, etc. - it just grounded me a bit more.

So close ... now so far!

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